About Orient Cables

Orient cable Established 2002 is a major manufacturer for a wide range of Data cables, CCTV, Coaxial Cables, Control Cables, Earthing/Grounding cables, Instrumentation Cables, Round flexible cables, and Domestic wires. With dedicated professionals and expertise in R&D, Sales & Marketing, Product Development, QC, administration, and manufacturing. orient enjoys an unmatched reputation and acceptance in India and other countries. Our cable manufacturing unit has more than 15 modern insulation lines working on PVC, LSZH, and PE with Independent fully equipped quality testing labs an essential part that regularly tests finished products to the most updated industry domestic and international standards such as ISI, UL, VDE, MIL, BS, CE, and DIN.

Orient brand values and philosophy

Orient focuses to deliver Good quality, well Designed Reliable products adhering to or exceeding various International standards.

Environment protection/Management

“Saving our scarce natural resources”.

Orient, at every stage endeavour to seek constant improvement in Design, raw materials, Production to shipping for optimal utilization of our scarce natural resources and enhance energy efficiency in our operation’s with the ultimate goal of reducing carbon footprint across our operations. Orient cables are ROHS compliant.


Orient deploy’s dedicated experienced support team that co-ordinates order processing, manufacturing, material handling and shipping ensuring quick turnaround regardless of the product being custom made or a standard item. Every customer is valuable to us. Orient understands need for customized packaging requirement, due thought and care is taken in ensuring products are packed and shipped as per national and international standards for a damage free product when received at customer warehouse. Every shipment in transit can be tracked by the customer in real time.

Manufacturing capability

Orient manufacturing facility spread over 2.5 acre area is ISO: 9001-2000 certified and the concept of just in time is ingrained in every personnel involved in ensuring products reach the customer site in the shortest possible time backed by its persistence for strict Quality control process translating to a dependable manufacturer providing repeated opportunity for customer satisfaction in terms of reliability and performance as well as affordable price points.

Innovation, R&D , QA

Orient has been in the forefront in innovation/designing/development driven by the need to replace expensive imported cables with indigenous develpment through it dedicated team. Strong workforce of professionals are involved in all aspects of product development from design, testing and developing manufacturing processes using the latest tools and processes. Product prototype ensure end product is as per customer expectation on quality, safety, functionality and budget while ensuring strict parameter tolerances as per National and International standards.

Standards compliance

  • TIA: Telecommunications Industry Association
  • EIA: Electronic Industries Alliance
  • IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • BICSI: Building Industry Consulting Service International
  • ISO: International Organization for Standardization
  • IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission
  • ANSI: American