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Optical Fiber Cables

Hybrid Cable

Hybrid copper-fiber cables make it possible to provide fibre and DC power securely over long distances to distant regions where normal power is either unavailable or too expensive to build.

Physical Characteristics
Fiber Count1-12
FRP Dimension (mm)2.0 ± 0.05
Power Unit1.5 sq mm Stranded Copper as per Class 5
Outer sheath thickness (mm)1.6 ± 0.20
Cable Dia.(mm)11.20 ± 0.20
Cable Weight (Kg/km)120 ± 10%
Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics
TestStandard/NotesProduct Accomplishment
Max. Tensile Strength (N)IEC-60794-1-E11000
Bending RadiusIEC-60794-1-E11Dynamic = 20D, Static = 10D
Crush Resistance (N/100 )IEC-60794-1-E3500
Impact Strength (N.m)IEC-60794-1-E420
Temperature CyclingIEC-60794-1-E1430 cm, 70ºC, 24 hr
Water PenetrationIEC-60794-1-F5B1m water head, 3m samples, 24 hrs
IEC 60793-1 & 60794-1
Telecordia GR-20 Core
ANSI/TIA 568-C.3 & ISO/IEC 11801


ORIENT CABLES <Fibre Type> <Fibre Count> <Type of Cable> <MONTH> <YEAR> <Cable ID> <XXXX> METER

Wooden Drums or Export Quality Drum
Length: 1 / 2 km +- 10% or Custom Lengths

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