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Optical Fiber Cables

Indoor Flat Drop

These cables are commonly utilised in indoor application for FTTH application.

Physical Characteristics
Fiber Count1-4
FRP Dimension (mm)0.5± 0.05
Cable Dimensionr (mm)2*3 ± 2.0
Cable Weight (Kg/km)8± 10%
Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics
TestStandard/NotesProduct Accomplishment
Max. Tensile Strength (N)IEC-60794-1-E180
Bending RadiusIEC-60794-1-E1120mm
Crush Resistance (N/100 )IEC-60794-1-E3250
Impact Strength (N.m)IEC-60794-1-E415
Temperature CyclingIEC-60794-1-E730 cm, 70ºC, 24 hr
IEC 60793-1 & 60794-1
Telecordia GR-20 Core
ANSI/TIA 568-C.3 & ISO/IEC 11801


ORIENT CABLES <Fibre Type> <Fibre Count> <Type of Cable> <MONTH> <YEAR> <Cable ID> <XXXX> METER

Plywood Spool
Length: 1 / 2 km +- 10% or Custom Lengths

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