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Telecommunication Cables

Telecommunication Cables

Orient twisted paired cables are best suited for telephone cabling applications. The conductor is made of solid annealed, electrolytic grade high conductivity bare copper. The conductor is insulated with special grade high-density polyethylene with different colours. The insulated cores are twisted with uniform lay to form pairs and are bunched together in such a manner so as to minimise cross talk. In 50 and 100 pair cables the units of 10 and 20 pairs respectively are identified with colour binders and stranded to form the laid up cable.


Construction Parameters1 Pair2 Pair3 Pair4 Pair5 Pair10 Pair20 Pair50 Pair100 Pair
Conductor (Solid annealed bare copper)0.4 mm diameter (nom.) & 0.5 mm diameter (nom.)
Insulation Material(0.4 & 0.5 mm dia.)High density polyethylene
Insulation Thickness (Average)(0.4 & 0.5 mm dia.)0.17 mm 0.20 mm
Diameter of Insulated Conductor(Maximum)(0.4 & 0.5 mm dia.)0.74 mm 0.92 mm

Colour Combination

Pair 1White-BlueWhite-BlueWhite-BlueWhite-BlueWhite-BlueWhite-BlueWhite-BlueWhite-BlueWhite-Blue
Pair 2White-OrangeWhite-OrangeWhite-OrangeWhite-OrangeWhite-OrangeWhite-OrangeWhite-OrangeWhite-Orange
Pair 3White-GreenWhite-GreenWhite-GreenWhite-GreenWhite-GreenWhite-GreenWhite-Green
Pair 4White-BrownWhite-BrownWhite-BrownWhite-BrownWhite-BrownWhite-Brown
Pair 5White-GreyWhite-GreyWhite-GreyWhite-GreyWhite-Grey
Pair 6Red-BlueRed-BlueRed-BlueRed-Blue
Pair 7Red-OrangeRed-OrangeRed-OrangeRed-Orange
Pair 8Red-GreenRed-GreenRed-GreenRed-Green
Pair 9Red-BrownRed-BrownRed-BrownRed-Brown
Pair 10Red-GreyRed-GreyRed-GreyRed-Grey
Pair 11Black-BlueBlack-Blue
Pair 12Black-OrangeBlack-Orange
Pair 13Black-GreenBlack-Green
Pair 14Black-BrownBlack-Brown
Pair 15Black-GreyBlack-Grey
Pair 16Yellow-BlueYellow-Blue
Pair 17Yellow-OrangeYellow-Orange
Pair 18Yellow-GreenYellow-Green
Pair 19Yellow-BrownYellow-Brown
Pair 20Yellow-GreyYellow-Grey
No. of Unit1 X 1 P1 X 2 P1 X 3 P1 X 4 P1 X 5 P1 X 10 P1 X 20 P5 X 10 P5 X 20 P
Colour of Unit Identification Binder0.4 mm dia. & 0.5 mm dia.
Unit 1BlueBlue
Unit 2OrangeOrange
Unit 3GreenGreen
Unit 4BrownBrown
Unit 5GreyGrey
PVC Jacket
(0.4 mm dia. & 0.5 mm dia.)
FRPVC compound or as per requirement
Approx. Outer Diameter 0.4 mm dia.
Approx. Outer Diameter 0.5 mm dia.2.753.544.
Packing Length (mtrs) 0.4 mm dia. & 0.5 mm dia.90909090909090500500
Electrical Parameters0.4 mm dia0.5 mm dia
Conductor Resistance (max.) ohms/km at 200C14595
Mutual Capacitance (max.) nf/km5050
Insulation Resistance in Air (min.) M-ohms/km50005000
Capacitance Unbalance Pair to Pair (max.) pF/km250250

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